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Name:Ryuugamine Mikado [ 竜ヶ峰 帝人 ]
Birthdate:Mar 21
Location:Ikebukuro, Japan

“I love clichés, I love predictable scripts, I love it when they paste over problems and I love it when they force a happy ending, too.
What's wrong with working towards that?”



RP journal for Mikado Ryuugamine of Durarara!! Mun finally bothered to catch up with the novels, so spoilers up through the end of volume 13 are good by her.
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celty sturluson-san, crushing on shy girls, ikebukuro, ikebukuro dollars, internet technology, kida masami, kida masaomi, lighting people on fire(inselfdefenseok), new and exciting things, orihara izaya-san, sonohara anri-san, stabbing upstart underdogs, texting, the interwebs
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