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Ryuugamine Mikado [ 竜ヶ峰 帝人 ]

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[ OOC ]
Backtagging: YES PLZ I do much of this myself.
Threadhopping: Sure, unless otherwise specified.
Fourthwalling: Go for it! Pertaining to in-game, however, check with me first, since that could potentially affect castmates/close CR and I'd want to get their input first.
Offensive subjects: Generally, anything goes for me. I understand that IC=/=OOC that and the views and beliefs of a character don't necessarily reflect those of the player. Provided that it's legitimately fair game, I won't jump down your throat if something sensitive/controversial/what-have-you comes up.
Canon-point: Generally (read: most of the time), I do play Mikado from just after the anime ending -- something I did initially because I didn't like depending on the sparse novel translations for accuracy. Having read as much as I could and all of volume 13, however, I am comfortable these days with writing him from any point in canon (anime, during the novels, or post-novels). If you have a preference, just let me know!

[ IC ]
Hugging this character: Sure? Although if you're female he'll probably keyboardsmash because ??? awkward???
Kissing this character: Ahaha... go... for it? Same as above regarding girls. Any attempt from a dude will earn a reflexive punch attempt and much grumpycat.jpg
Flirting with this character: Go ahead, but he might not even realize what you're doing. |'D
Fighting with this character: "Beating up this character" is more accurate, since he has pretty much no fighting ability. I'm all up for him getting shoved around and/or picked on, though!
Injuring this character: Sure, although anything beyond a minor injury warrants some discussion beforehand, plz and thx. Please note, however, that pertaining to Mikado at [community profile] dragonhaven, he has a growing list of allies who will hunt you down and return the favor if any harm comes to him. 8'D 8'D 8'D Fair warning.
Killing this character: Talk to me! I don't mind death threads, but I am anal and usually prefer it to have some kind of build-up and/or consequence. (see above disclaimer regarding [community profile] dragonhaven)
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Questions, comments, or criticisms regarding how I play Mikado? LEAVE 'EM HERE because I dig it. Anon-enabled, IP-logging off in case you're paranoid.